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R Question

How can I find out which distributions I can use in fitdistrplus in R

I have some data (x) and want to determine which distribution fits them best.
I used:

descdist(x, discrete = FALSE, boot = 1000)
fit.norm<- fitdist(x, "norm")

and did the same for weibull, gamma and lnorm. In the documentation I could not find a list of which other distributions (and the corresponding syntax) are possible. Does anyone know where I can find this information?

Answer Source

From the FAQ you get if you type ??fitdistplus

As documented, we provide initial values for the following distributions: norm, lnorm, exp, pois, cauchy, gamma, logis, nbinom, geom, beta, weibull from the stats package; invgamma, llogis, invweibull, pareto1, pareto from the actuar package.

Documentation also suggests you can use any distribution if you can specify it or find it in a pre-existing package.

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