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How to build a Kony iOS Project using commandline

My aim is to build a Kony Project for the Jenkins CI. So basically I need to know how to build the project on the unix commandline. When using Kony Studio my project builds without issues.

I've already managed to build an android .apk using

on the
in the project directory. This also builds a .kar file for ios. How do I now trigger the ipa build via xcode using the commandline?

Environment: Mac OSX 10.10.2 with Kony Studio 6.0.

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You need to copy the "com.kony.ios_5.5.x.jar" file and rename it to "com.kony.ios_5.5.x.zip".

    Unzip the "com.kony.ios_5.5.x.zip",
    The unzipped folder contains 5 files, one of it is "**iOS-GA-5.5.x.zip**".
    Make sure that you DO NOT delete any of these 5 files.

    Unzip the "iOS-GA-5.5.x.zip" , it will give you the "VMAppWithKonylib" folder.

    Now, close all the xcodes you might have open.

    Then delete data at path Users/(UserName)/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData

    Now go to Terminal

    Navigates upto Gen folder using cd (e.g. cd /Users/foo/Desktop/VMAppWithKonylib/gen)

    Type pearl extract.pl <KAR file path> and launch the Xcode and do a build. (e.g. perl extract.pl /Users/foo/Downloads/konyappiphone-193.kAR)

Now type open <xcodeproj path>. (e.g. open /Users/foo/Desktop/VMAppWithKonylib/VMAppWithKonylib.xcodeproj)

Now the app will run in xcode. Archive and proceed with IPA generation.

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