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Why is address operator not needed in scanf?

Why is address operator not needed for stud->names.firstName?
But address operator is required in &stud->studentid ?

struct student {
char lastName[10];
char firstName[10];
} names;
int studentid;

int main()
struct student record;
return 0;

void GetStudentName(struct student *stud)
printf("Enter first name: ");
scanf("%s", stud->names.firstName); //address operator not needed
printf("Enter student id: ");
scanf("%d", &stud->studentid); //address operator needed

Answer Source

It's not only not needed, it would be incorrect. Because arrays1 are automatically converted to pointers.

The following

scanf("%s", stud->names.firstName);

is equivalent to

scanf("%s", &stud->names.firstName[0]);

so using the address of operator here is redundant because both expressions are equivalent.

Using it like you do for the "%d" format specifier

scanf("%s", &stud->names.firstName);

would be wrong and actually undefined behavior would occur.

NOTE: Always verify the value returned from scanf().

1Also known as the array name

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