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MySQL Question


I'm working on a search query, with the use of

. However, I'm a bit stuck, mainly logical. I have this query now:

FROM adressen
WHERE CONCAT(adressen.ad_name, adressen.ad_vorname) LIKE

However, I need to get some information from another table, but only from the specific ID which can be used from
. Is it possible to get
with a
WHERE owner_id =

I thought about an Inner join, however I don't know how I can build in a WHERE there. Is this possible or not?

I couldn't find any answer which solved my question. There is no relationship existent between those Tables. The table Adressen contains the Columns ad_id, ad_name, ad_vorname and ad_adresse. The table where he needs to get the fahrzeugen.kennzeichen of, is called fahrzeugen, and contains an ID, owner_id, and kennzeichen.

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Like this you mean?

FROM adressen AS A
INNER JOIN fahrzeugen AS F ON F.owner_id =
WHERE CONCAT(A.ad_name, A.ad_vorname) LIKE
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