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Javascript Question

In Javascript, how do I determine if my current browser is Firefox on a computer vs everything else?

if(firefox and is on a computer){
alert('using firefox on a computer')
alert("using something else!");

How can I do this?


What you're after is known as browser detection:

if ($.browser.mozilla) { ... 

However, browser sniffing is discouraged, as its easy to spoof the user agent, i.e. pretend to be another browser!

You'd best use feature detection, either in your own way, or through the jQuery.support interface: http://api.jquery.com/jQuery.support/

Here's an article on extending it for your own use: http://www.waytoocrowded.com/2009/03/14/jquery-supportminheight/


Found this post as well which helps: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1298713/when-ie8-is-not-ie8-what-is-browser-version/1298738#1298738