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C# Question

Searching a tree using LINQ

I have a tree created from this class.

class Node
public string Key { get; }
public List<Node> Children { get; }

I want to search in all children and all their children to get the ones matching a condition:

node.Key == SomeSpecialKey

How can I implement it?

Answer Source

It's a misconception that this requires recursion. It will require a stack or a queue and the easiest way is to implement it using recursion. For sake of completeness I'll provide a non-recursive answer.

static IEnumerable<Node> Descendants(this Node root)
    var nodes = new Stack<Node>(new[] {root});
    while (nodes.Any())
        Node node = nodes.Pop();
        yield return node;
        foreach (var n in node.Children) nodes.Push(n);

Use this expression for example to use it:

root.Descendants().Where(node => node.Key == SomeSpecialKey)
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