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Bulk insert OR update with hibernate?

I need to consume a rather large amounts of data from a daily CSV file. The CSV contains around 120K records. This is slowing to a crawl when using hibernate. Basically, it seems hibernate is doing a SELECT before every single INSERT (or UPDATE) when using saveOrUpdate(); for every instance being persisted with saveOrUpdate(), a SELECT is issued before the actual INSERT or a UPDATE. I can understand why it's doing this, but its terribly inefficient for doing bulk processing, and I'm looking for alternatives

I'm confident that the performance issue lies with the way I'm using hibernate for this, since I got another version working with native SQL (that parses the CSV in the excat same manner) and its literally running circles around this new version)

So, to the actual question, does a hibernate alternative to mysqls "INSERT ... ON DUPLICATE" syntax exist?

Or, if i choose to do native SQL for this, can I do native SQL within a hibernate transaction? Meaning, will it support commit/rollbacks?

Answer Source

According to an answer to a similar question, it can be done by configuring Hibernate to insert objects using a custom stored procedure which uses your database's upsert functionality. It's not pretty, though.

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