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Javascript Question

Gulp minify multiple js files to one

I am new to Gulp and wondering how can I minify (concatinate) my collection to single file instead of every file separately.


var gulp = require('gulp');
var uglify = require('gulp-uglify');

gulp.task('minify', function () {
.pipe(gulp.dest('content/js/client.min.js')) // It will create folder client.min.js

gulp.task('default', ['minify']);

As you can see I'm trying to minify 3 javascript files and then output them into one
. Is it possible?

Answer Source

This plugin will help gulp-concat.


var concat = require('gulp-concat');

gulp.task('scripts', function() {
  gulp.src(['./lib/file3.js', './lib/file1.js', './lib/file2.js'])
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