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Is it possible to disable full screen for youtube api in android?

As header says: is it possible to disable full screen with the Youtube API in Android?

I have an app with fragments and inside those fragments I have frame layout into which I add YouTubePlayerSupportFragment. But when I click full screen then this exception is thrown:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{}: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No view found for id 0x7f040039 ( for fragment YouTubePlayerSupportFragment{4282a068 #11 id=0x7f040039}

Answer Source

I faced the same issue and found a way to handle it that worked for me. In the OnInitializedListener() for the fragment, I do this:

public void onInitializationSuccess(Provider arg0,
final YouTubePlayer player, boolean arg2) {
//Tell the player you want to control the fullscreen change
//Tell the player how to control the change
player.setOnFullscreenListener(new OnFullscreenListener(){
public void onFullscreen(boolean arg0) {                    
// do full screen stuff here, or don't. I started a YouTubeStandalonePlayer 
// to go to full screen


And I still got an error since I used the YouTubeStandalonePlayer to handle my full screen, so I solved that by calling


in my OnPause() for the activity. Just remember you won't come back to where you left off if your user hits the back button. You could also send the user to the YouTube app through an intent, this did not require the finish() in OnPause when I tested it, but did not suit my needs as well as the standalone player.

Edit: If you want to remove the full-screen button, you can also just set the player style like this:

PlayerStyle style = PlayerStyle.MINIMAL;
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