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Is there a more efficient way to create nlog database targets?

I often create logs that have a lot of custom columns like:

<target xsi:type="Database" name="Log" dbProvider="System.Data.SqlClient" connectionString="...">
INTO [dbo].[Log]([Foo], [Bar], ...)
<parameter name="@FOO" layout="..." />
<parameter name="@BAR" layout="..." />

but I don't really like how I have to repeat the names of the columns three times for each of them. It's difficult to maintain and easy to make a mistake.

Is there an easier and more efficient way to create NLog database targets?

Can NLog infer the insert from the parameters alone? It would be great if I just could write the schema and table name, the parameters and the
is pretty obvious so it actually could be build automatically. Is there such a mechanism yet?

I've added the
tag because if there is a programmatic solution I prefer

Answer Source

In addition to t3chb0t answer.

You could loop over all the database targets after the configuration changes:

private void Main() //or application_start

    //update when config changes
    LogManager.ConfigurationReloaded += (sender, args) => GenerateDatabaseTargetQueries();

public void GenerateDatabaseTargetQueries()
    var databaseTargets = LogManager.Configuration.AllTargets.OfType<DatabaseTarget>();
    foreach (var databaseTarget in databaseTargets)
        //todo good init capacity for StringBuilder
        var queryBuilder = new StringBuilder();
        queryBuilder.Append("INSERT INTO [dbo].[Log]");
        foreach (var dbParameter in databaseTarget.Parameters)
            //append all the parameters to the query
        databaseTarget.CommandText = queryBuilder.ToString();
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