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SQLite query keeps crashing

I have this query that returns a particular record based on some parameters passed within a form in my application. This is where I get the problem:

String[] args={"act_email,act_password"};
Cursor cursor= db.query(DB_TABLE_NAME,new String[]{"email","password"},"email"+" like" + " %?%"+"AND"+" password "+" like" + " %?%",new String[]{"act_email,act_password"},null,null, null);

Here is some code that I found online:

Cursor cursor= db.rawQuery("SELECT email,password FROM users WHERE email LIKE '%' || ? || '%' and password LIKE '%' || ? || '%'",args);

This code does not cause any problems but it does need some optimisation mainly because it always returns an empty value. Any suggestions on how to solve this problem?

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Your args are incorrect as it is missing the quote marks between the two elements... you must have 2 separate strings between the curly brackets. This should read:

String[] args= {"act_email","act_password"};

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Secondly you are missing the ' text qualifiers in your query selection string, for text fields these should be of the form:


SQLite appears to handle the handle the quotes on its own, so all you need to do provide the where clause in the form:

field=? [ AND field2=? ... AND fieldn=? ]

and then supply the parameters in an args array. It appears that Androids OpenDatabaseHelper class handles the text qualifiers automatically depending on type.

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Please note that parameterized queries in using SQLite on Android in this way do not like % wilcards in the query string. To use wildcards place them in the arg value instead and this will be substituted in during execution. So your args become:

String[] args= {"%act_email%","%act_password%"};

OR if you want to use variables here:

String[] args= {"%" + act_email + "%", "%" + act_password+ "%"};

So the full code should look something like this:

String[] fields = {"email","password"};
String[] args= {"%" + act_email + "%", "%" + act_password+ "%"};

//do not use like for usr & pwd
String where = "email like ? AND password like ?";

Cursor cursor= db.query(DB_TABLE_NAME, fields , where, args,null, null, null);

Although I shoulld point out in the case of email and password you should not use like.

Change the where clause to:

String where = "email=? AND password =?";//do not use like for usr & pwd
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