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Objective-C Question

Adjust NSWindow height from bottom?

Suppose I have a window named

. To increase the height I would do this to the frame:

NSRect windowFrame = [mWindow frame];
windowFrame.size.height += 100.0f;
[mWindow setFrame:windowFrame];

However, this increase the height of the top of the window, not the bottom. How can I make it add more window at the bottom instead of the top?


Because of the way coordinates work in Cocoa, you'll have to do some extra steps to make this work:

NSRect windowFrame = [mWindow frame];
windowFrame.size.height += 100;
windowFrame.origin.y -= 100;
[mWindow setFrame:windowFrame display:YES];

Alternatively, you can use the setFrameOrigin: or setFrameTopLeftPoint: methods of NSWindow.