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Google Drive Rest API v3 - how to move a file to the trash?

The Google Drive Rest API v3 has a Drive.Files.Delete method, but that permanently deletes the file.How do i move the file to the trash?

I looked at the docs for updating file metadata, and i tried to do this, but it doesn't seem to work:

File file = new File();
driveService.files().update(f.getId(), file).execute();

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I don't see any error with your code on how to move a file to trash wherein you'll use files.update with {'trashed':true}.

Sample code in this thread:

The solution is to create an empty File setting only the new values:

File newContent = new File();
service.files().update(fileId, newContent).execute();

I have tried this in Google Drive Try it! and successfully moved the file to trash.

Just make sure that the File refers to and it is not

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