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Java Question

Is it possible to set an Object to be null from within itself?

I know that

this = null
is illegal.

I'm wondering if there's some other way to have an object clean itself up.

my desire is to be able to do something like this:

A a = new A();


if(a == null){
//this is true after my doStuffAndDisappear() method.

I suspect there's no way to make this happen, but thought it would be worth asking.

Answer Source

No, because a is a reference (not an object as in this question's title) and no method can modify the value of a reference except the method in which it is defined (I assume from the code context that a is a local variable).

Since Java doesn't have pass-by-reference, what you ask cannot be done: there's no way to collect addresses-of references in order to manage the addresses pointed to. You might use a wrapper object, but not sure what'd be the point.

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