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How to delete a specific row in wxListCtrl after sorting?

I'm using

for live report in my app, and there will be continuous status updating including inserting a new row when a task starts and deleting related rows when the tasks end. Since the list gets sorted every now and then, you cannot simply delete the rows by the rowid you started with. Although you can assign a unique id using
, and that way you know exactly which row to delete when a task is done, there does NOT seem to be any method related to deleting a row by that unique id, not even a method to get rowid by unique id, and the only method I found is
, which will return the unique id for a certain row.

So the only way came to my mind is to iterate all rows checking their unique ids and compares it against the given id, if it matches then delete that row. But this sounds way too clumsy, so is there a better way to delete a specific row after sorting?

Answer Source

I ended up using ObjectListView to do the job. Basically you build an index for your objects in the list, and then you are able to operate on any row you want. It's way more convenient than wx.ListCtrl

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