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JSON Question

JSON PHP array decode - Access specific data

I can't find out how to echo "tags" in this JSON data.

{"totalHits":26,"hits":[{"previewHeight":92,"tags":"sunflower, sunflower field, flora"}]};

I can echo "totalHits", by using this:

$json = file_get_contents($url);
$obj = json_decode($json);
echo $obj->totalHits; // 26

Answer Source

I would highly recommend using print_r to make it easier for you to trace the array

The output of print_r($obj);

stdClass Object
    [totalHits] => 26
    [hits] => Array
            [0] => stdClass Object
                    [previewHeight] => 92
                    [tags] => sunflower, sunflower field, flora



So your object can be accessed like this

echo $obj->hits[0]->tags;
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