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Python Question

Printing list items along with index

Suppose I have a list a = [x, y, z], and I want to print

1. x

2. y

3. z

I can do it, but it is a bit lengthy, like

c = 1
for i in a:
print(str(c) + "." + i)
c += 1

Is there a shorter way of doing it? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

What about this example, where i is the index and e would be each item from a list.

for i,e in enumerate(a):
    print (str(i + 1) + '.', e)

As @niemmi suggests, you could also start the index at 1:

for i,e in enumerate(a, start=1):
    print (str(i) + '.', e) 
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