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WWW::Curl::Easy output not capture

use JSON;
use WWW::Curl::Easy;

my $curl = WWW::Curl::Easy->new;

my $response = (what to use here);

my %hash = decode_json($response);
$country = $hash->{body}->{country};
return $country;

#the output from url is in json format.
#but unable to capture that output in a response variable as object.

I am trying to capture reponse from
which is in json format in variable then use JSON's
method to convert that into hash structure to get country code. But I am not able to get the response in variable.

JSON Output:
"headers": {
"ipAddress": [""],
"body": {
"country": {
"isoCode": "CA",
"name": "Canada",
"geoNameId": 6251999
"continent": {
"name": "North America",
"code": "NA",
"geoNameId": 6255149
"city": {
"name": "Cranbrook",
"geoNameId": 5931800
"traits": {
"ipAddress": ""
"location": {
"latitude": 49.4999,
"longitude": -115.7688,
"timeZone": "America/Edmonton"
"postal": {
"code": "V1C"
"subdivisions": [{
"name": "British Columbia",
"geoNameId": 5909050,
"isoCode": "BC"
"statusCode": "OK"

Answer Source
This seems that WWW::Curl::Easy require file handle.
Look at bold lines


 use WWW::Curl::Easy;
 use Data::Dumper ;

 my $resp_body ="";

 my $curl=WWW::Curl::Easy->new;


# Define file handle and send it to string 
 open (my $fh, ">", \$resp_body);


my $ret_code =$curl->perform;

if ($ret_code ==0){
 print "Response : $resp_body";
 print "Error".$curl->errbuf ;
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