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Java's "" for Windows 10?

In Java, we can see the property value of
to know the name of the underlying operating system:

For each edition of Windows, it used to return always the exact name of the OS:
Windows XP
for XP,
Windows Vista
for Vista,
Windows 7
for Seven,
Windows 8.1
for 8.1, and so on...

The problem is: I just updated my Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 using the released Microsoft updater, and it seems like this property still remains
Windows 8.1

public class OSTest {
public static void main(String[] args) {

How can I create a workaround for this? And, does anyone know if this problem persists if installing a fresh Windows 10 copy - that is, this bug is caused by the Microsoft auto-updater -?

Answer Source

This is a known problem JDK-8066504 that has been fixed in upcoming Java 8 update 60.

The reason is GetVersionEx function has changed its behavior since Windows 8.1.

There are multiple possible workarounds, see MSDN article.

The trivial one is to exec cmd.exe /c ver.

The other is to look at the version information of one of the system files, e.g. kernel32.dll.

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