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ASP.NET (C#) Question

Why am I unable to remove nuget packages from a .NET project?

I received the following task

  1. Remove the nuget packages from MyProject (check other webapps):



Since I am not too fluent in .NET-specific technicalities, I have been searching for a while to find these. I have been using Visual Studio 2015 to search for these and found them under packages in the project's file tree. After removing them and removing the following line from web.config:

<add assembly="Microsoft.Web.Samples.ImageSprite" namespace="Microsoft.Web.Samples" tagPrefix="asp" />

I expected to successfully remove these from the project, but after I built the project the files reappeared under packages. What could be the cause of this behavior?


Since they are NuGet packages you should just be able to go to tools->NuGet Package Manager -> Manage NuGet packages for solution.

This will list all the installed packages for the project and you can uninstall them from here.

EDIT: Alternative solution from OP That seems like a solution, but I already found out another one. I needed to remove the corresponding lines from packages.config