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JSON Question

Google Place with R

My purpose is to use R to query google api.
I have a list of addresses and names (belong to shops, restaurants, etc.) and for each of them I need to store:

"latitude", "longitude", "business type"

My idea is to use google place api:

-Use the Text Search Requests to search the address to store latitude e longitude


-Then use the Radar Search Requests to search the name nearby the latitude e longitude. So I get the ID_place


-Thanks to the ID_place, I query the Place Details Requests to get detail about business type (es. "types" : [ "food" ] )


I'm very new to use google api and maybe is not the most efficient way to do it.
But I need to give some consideration:
-Sometimes the address is not complete (sometimes I have the civic number missing)
-Not always the name is correct (sometimes I have abbreviations)

I need to understand some things:

  • -If this is the best way to do it

  • -How query these Google api with R

  • -How handle the json output

Answer Source

To access the Google Places API in R you can use the development version of my googleway package, and in particular the google_paces() function

This also handles the JSON output for you.

devtools::install_github("SymbolixAU/googleway")  ## install the dev version

## your key goes here
key <- read.dcf("~/Documents/.googleAPI", fields = "GOOGLE_API_KEY")

df_places <- google_places(search_string = "cafe", 
                           location = c(-37.81827, 144.9671),   ## melbourne, AU
                           key = key)


# [1] "Time Out Fed Square"    "Dukes Coffee Roasters"  "Alice Nivens"           "Little Cupcakes"        "Lindt Chocolate Cafe"   "Cafe Andiamo"          
# [7] "The Journal Cafe"       "RMB Cafe Bar"           "Cafe Issus"             "ACMI Cafe & Bar"        "Ponyfish Island"        "Aix Cafe"              
# [13] "Seedling Cafe"          "Eliana Lulu"            "B3 Cafe"                "Lindt Chocolate Cafe"   "Switch Board Cafe"      "Urban Express Cafe"    
# [19] "Cento Mani"             "1932 Cafe & Restaurant"

If you want more details about a given place you can use google_place_details() to search for one of the place_ids returned from the previous query

df_details <- google_place_details(place_id = df_places$results[1, "place_id"],
                                   key = key)

# [1] "restaurant"        "cafe"              "bar"               "food"              "point_of_interest" "establishment"

# aspects            author_name                                    author_url language rating
# 1 0, overall Fredrich Oliver-bently https://plus.google.com/114792371400821038660       en      2
# 2 0, overall           Jenn Besonia https://plus.google.com/110502657363574676299       en      2
# 3 0, overall             Sewa G S R https://plus.google.com/118332347441422887680       en      1
# 4 0, overall             M Mathumbu https://plus.google.com/104636428392041496439       en      2
# 5 2, overall                 Bo Cui https://plus.google.com/104475569220729624507       en      4
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