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Set UltraGrid to ReadOnly property,

In my project, I have a form that has 3 radio buttons, an ultragrid, and a textbox. When I load the form, I want the ultragrid to be

, or the equivalent of this, and then I want it to become active again when
is checked (one of the radiobuttons). I then need it to be set to
again if one of the other 2 radio buttons are selected.

I feel like
is not a property that can be used with Ultragrids, so what is the equivalent (to make it grey, like a
textbox, basically), and how is this coded?

I tried using

ugCategories.DisplayLayout.Override.AllowUpdate = DefaultableBoolean.False

but this didn't seem to do the job

Answer Source

By setting AllowUpdate you are actually making the grid read-only. If you need to change the grid appearance you need to set appearance for the read-only cells like this:

ugCategories.DisplayLayout.Override.ReadOnlyCellAppearance.BackColor = Color.Gray;

Further, you may consider set and the CellClickAction to CellSelect like this:

ugCategories.DisplayLayout.Override.CellClickAction = Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid.CellClickAction.CellSelect;

You may also check this article for more helpful information from Mike Saltzman - Infragistics Win Forms Guru

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