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How to fix error Call to undefined function link_to_route() laravel 5?

First I am sorry my endlish so bad ,Hi all I am a new of laravel I just studying laravel. and I have problame error with link_to_route() function I try to fix and search google but I still can not.and I got error:

Whoops, looks like something went wrong.
1/1 FatalErrorException in cb4e66236ac7f3bb7bc9c7abce945dc30f4b8bf1.php line 33: Call to undefined function link_to_route()

and here is my route.php

Route::group(['prefix'=>'auth'], function(){
'as' => 'get_register',
'uses' => 'Auth\AuthController@getRegister'
'as' => 'post_register',
'uses' => 'Auth\AuthController@postRegister'

And here is my code nav.blade.php

<li><?php echo link_to_route('get_register', 'Register'); ?></li>

Answer Source

You need to install a package named "laravelcollective/html": "~5.0"

In your composer.json file, Write this line

"laravelcollective/html": "~5.0"

Then open config/app.php file.

In provider array,Write this line:-


Next, add these lines to the 'aliases' array:

'Form' => 'Collective\Html\FormFacade',

'Html' => 'Collective\Html\HtmlFacade',

This link will help you.

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