Rajat Rajat - 1 year ago 64
jQuery Question

Mobile events like tap, swipe with emberjs

Is there any prior art/literature around how to deal with touch events on mobile in an emberjs app?

The most common one is a

event but I cant find anything which discusses it in the context of an emberjs application.

Can using jquery just work? There is jquery mobile as well but I am concerned integrating that with ember might open a different can of worms.

Ember has support for touchEvents but then one still has to do work to simulate a
event for instance.

Thoughts? How are people doing mobile apps using Emberjs?

Answer Source

You should check out ember-hammertime and ember-gestures as examples of some community approaches. Also look for 'touch' on ember-observer

You have to think of everything as touch now, it's not really a mobile app issue anymore.

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