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How do I create a dynamic drop down list with react-bootstrap

I'm totally new to react so I'm probably missing something elemental. The example code in the react-bootstrap site React-Bootstrap shows the following. I need to drive the options using an array, but I'm having trouble finding examples the will compile.

<Input type="select" label="Multiple Select" multiple>
<option value="select">select (multiple)</option>
<option value="other">...</option>

Answer Source

You can start with these two functions. The first will create your select options dynamically based on the props passed to the page. If they are mapped to the state then the select will recreate itself.

 createSelectItems() {
     let items = [];         
     for (let i = 0; i <= this.props.maxValue; i++) {             
          items.push(<option key={i} value={i}>{i}</option>);   
          //here I will be creating my options dynamically based on
          //what props are currently passed to the parent component
     return items;

onDropdownSelected(e) {
    console.log("THE VAL",;
    //here you will see the current selected value of the select input

Then you will have this block of code inside render. You will pass a function reference to the onChange prop and everytime onChange is called the selected object will bind with that function automatically. And instead of manually writing your options you will just call the createSelectItems() function which will build and return your options based on some constraints (which can change).

  <Input type="select" onChange={this.onDropdownSelected} label="Multiple Select" multiple>
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