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Process thymeleaf variable as html code and not string

I'm using Thymeleaf to process html templates, I understood how to append inline strings from my controller, but now I want to send a fragment of html code from the application to the page.

For example, lets stay that I have this in my java application:

String n="<span><i class=\"icon-leaf\"></i>"+str+"</span> <a href=\"\"></a>\n";

final WebContext ctx = new WebContext(request, response,
servletContext, request.getLocale());

What do I need to write in the html page so that it would be replaced by the "n" variable and be processed as html code and not String?


You can use th:utext attribute that stands for unescaped text (see documentation). Use this with caution and avoid user input in th:utext as it can cause security problems.

<div th:remove="tag" th:utext="${n}"></div>