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Android Question

First run of Android Studio. Unable to access Android SDK add-on list

After trying to reinstall

Android Studio
, everything was fine until the first run.

While it was 'fetching Android SDK component information', it gave me an error saying:

Unable to access Android SDK add-on list

I clicked on Setup proxy, clicked on Auto-detect proxy settings, checked my connection (it said 'connection successful') then pressed
. After that it just came up with the same error. No progress.

Any ideas on what I can do next?

I have no experience with proxy, so I only used Auto-detect proxy settings to stay simple.

PS. I've searched, but all I can find is to go behind the proxy, but I don't have the permissions to edit

I'm using Windows 8.1 32 bit.

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Turn off your firewall, and check if it works perfectly, then add android.bat to trusted files in your windows firewall and restart firewall.

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