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AngularJS Question

How can I add a comment (for developers, ie not exposed on output HTML) to an Angular template?

I'm used to the more popular 'mustache' style templates where I can add a comment for my colleagues with:

{# The following line looks a bit odd, but here's why... #}

These comments obviously don't appear in the output - so users don't see them. How can I do something similar in Angular?

Answer Source

Angular doesn't have template comment support built in. You could, however, create a comment directive to support it, like this.

app.directive('templateComment', function () {
    return {
        restrict: 'E',
        compile: function (tElement, attrs) {

Markup would then be:

<template-comment>Put your comment here.</template-comment>

Alternately, you could use standard html comments, and then strip them out of your production code before deployment.

Consider this grunt task, if you'd like to support block comments - https://github.com/philipwalton/grunt-strip-code Specify a start comment and an end comment, and your comment block will be stripped out of the production code, assuming your add this task to your deploy target. Use it as a model for you build process, if you're not using Grunt. ....

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