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Python Question

String Slicing Python

I have a string, example:

s = "this is a string, a"

where ','(comma) will always be the 3rd last character, aka s[-3].

I am thinking of ways to remove the ',' but can only think of converting the string into a list, deleting it, and converting it back to a string. This however seems a bit too much for simple task.

How can i accomplish this in a simpler way?

Answer Source

Normally, you would just do:

s = s[:-3] + s[-2:]

The s[:-3] gives you a string up to, but not including, the comma you want removed ("this is a string") and the s[-2:] gives you another string starting one character beyond that comma (" a").

Then, joining the two strings together gives you what you were after ("this is a string a").

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