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how to create a website that prompts the user to enter his login id and password

I want to create a website that asks the user to enter his login ID and password. Please help me to do it.

In this instance the login ID is abcd and password is abcd1234.
I am trying this piece of code(JavaScript language).But I don't know how to stop the user from visiting the site or redirect him to another site. How do I do it in a simple way?

function login()
var a=prompt("Enter your user ID");
var b=prompt("Enter your password");
if(a=="abcd" && b=="abcd1234")
alert("Thank you for visiting");
alert("Wrong ID or password!!");
<h1>Hello world!!!Welcome!</h1>

Answer Source

Well, you could redirect them, if they haven't entered the correct credentials, by simply setting the window location to something else.

window.location.href = 'www.google.com'

Or you can just close the window, by calling.


Of course, the name and password here are stored client side, so a fairly proficient user can simply read it from the source code. If you want it to be secure you can do it on the backend, but that requires knowledge of a backend language and makes the scope of the question considerably bigger.

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