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Helping IDE resolve file paths in included files

I have a standard front controller / bootstrap configuration, with the front controller at

and the bootstrap at

The front controller loads the boostrap file with
require_once 'app/bootstrap.php';

The bootstrap then loads necessary files using paths relative to the front controller, such as
require_once 'model/model.php';

My IDE (PhpStorm 3.0.2) flags the file paths in the bootstrap with a warning that says "Can't resolve target of expression..."

Is there a comment and/or code that can I add to the bootstrap file to help my IDE recognize and resolve the directory/inclusion scheme?

Answer Source

The following ought to work. Annoyingly, it doesn't work if you use $config->directoryroot, but there's a bug open about that here so it should work itself out in future builds.

$directoryroot = '/full/system/path/to/docroot';

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