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Smarty Question

Amazon EC2 Server Display Error

I have configured

Amazon EC2
Server and install
. I have uploaded my website on it. it is in

Problem is when I update any
file, then the server return
white page
as output in Firefox and Chrome return
500 Internal Server Error
. I have surfed everywhere on internet but got nothing.

When I update any
file then the code work nicely. problem is only with

Answer Source

I'm willing to bet that your templates_c directory is not writable by Apache (identified as apache or httpd, and you can check in your httpd.conf file), or it hasn't been configured correctly during Smarty initialization.

You can try temporarily setting your templates_c directory to 777 permissions to test this hypothesis.

If this ends up being the case, then you'll want to assign group ownership of templates_c to apache, and set the folder permissions to 775. (They explain this in their documentation.)

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