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JSON Question

Create JSON data in specific format in android

i know there are many useful threads which teaches us how to make JSON data in a specific format. I have been looking into some useful threads but i am unable to achieve a specific format that i want. Can someone help me to achieve this format?

{"properties" : [
{"marker": {"point":new GLatLng(40.266044,-74.718479) },
{lastvisit: "Timestamp":"2016-10-31 13:55"}

I need to make data in this format and after then i will send it to the server as a POST request.

Answer Source

Your JSON structure was simply not valid (look at 'lastvisit: "Timestamp": "2016-10-31 13:55" for example). I'd recommend you to use to validate your JSONs. it will make it easier for you in the future to locate the problems.

    "properties": [{
        "marker": {
            "point": new GLatLng(40.266044,-74.718479)
        "lastvisit": {
            "Timestamp": "2016-10-31 13:55"
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