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change text of button and disable button in iOS

How do you change the text of the button and disable a button in iOS?

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Hey Namratha, If you're asking about changing the text and enabled/disabled state of a UIButton, it can be done pretty easily as follows;

[myButton setTitle:@"Normal State Title" forState:UIControlStateNormal]; // To set the title
[myButton setEnabled:NO]; // To toggle enabled / disabled

If you have created the buttons in the Interface Builder and want to access them in code, you can take advantage of the fact that they are passed in as an argument to the IBAction calls:

- (IBAction) triggerActionWithSender: (id) sender;

This can be bound to the button and you’ll get the button in the sender argument when the action is triggered. If that’s not enough (because you need to access the buttons somewhere else than in the actions), declare an outlet for the button:

@property(retain) IBOutlet UIButton *someButton;

Then it’s possible to bind the button in IB to the controller, the NIB loading code will set the property value when loading the interface.

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