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Node.js Question

How to include static files in express js

I am using the the express js framework with node js and in my server.js file , i have used


In my ejs file , when i use a script tag

<script src = main.js>

I get an error "Cannot get http://localhost:3000/api/main.js"
How can i include these files in the ejs

please help!!!

Answer Source

You can use express.static middleware

app.use('/public', express.static('directory/containing/your/files'));

The parameter of express.static is the path to the directory containing all your files that you wish to make static (the path that you provide can be relative to the directory where you launch your node process, or an absolute path), the directory should be available in your file system.
Then you can require your resources like: <img src='/public/imagesA.jpg'>
The '/public' mount path is optional, but recommended

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