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React JSX Question

Multiple React components in a single module

I am new to the whole browserify thing.
I have been trying to use browserify + reactify + gulp to transform, minify and combine a React application.
As long as I have a single

with a single
module.exports = MyComponent
everything works fine.
Since I have several shared components I physically host in the same file and reuse across projects, I would like to export more than one component.
I have tried an array:

module.exports = [Component1, Component2]

and have also tried an object with multiple properties:

module.exports = {Comp1: Componenet1, Comp2: Component2}
and have also tried in-lining the calls to
in the object, but that didn't help.

Is there a way to do this or do I have to split every component in to a seperate JSX file?

Answer Source

I have put multiple components in one file and export the object like you suggested.

module.exports = {
    comp1: Component1,
    comp2: Component2

Then where they are used do

var comp1 = require('your/path/to/components').comp1;
var comp2 = require('your/path/to/components').comp2;
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