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Changing action titles in interactive notifications at run time

As per my understanding I have to register categories and actions therein for local or remote interactive notifications, now my requirement is that I want to show buttons with dynamic titles coming as part of the push payload.

As an alternative I have also tried the option of firing a local notification with settings registered when a remote notification is received, but somehow it is not working and the local notification is not fired. Help highly appreciated.

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The short answer is that you can't change the action button title at runtime.

BUT, you can try the following:

  1. Before sending a notification to the device, send it a "silent" notification, using the content-available property. In this notification, send a data which represent your new action button titles.

  2. Update your relevant category using registerUserNotificationSettings:.

  3. Send the "real" notification with the new action titles, you've just created.

It need to be tested, as I never tried it in a production mode. Also, take into consideration, that you're going to double up your notification sent amount.

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