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How to rename git root folder?

I've just started using git in Vista, with my repository under

/path/to/project/git repo

I've now found that the space in the folder name is a minor irritation when working in git bash.

Can I just rename the folder to
? Is everything within the git config relative, or is there anything that explicitly refers to the parent folder?

I've tried just taking a windows copy of the main folder, and run git bash on that, and 'git log' shows the changes I had previously made. So I assume renaming the main folder is OK, but I'd like to be sure before I go any further.

Answer Source

To amend slightly Greg's answer, yes, everything with a git repo is relative to the .git parent directory, but:

(and this won't probably affect you directly, I only mention those reasons here for completeness' sake.):

  • the path of the repo itself could be referenced by other services running on your computer (Apache, ssh, another repo declaring your repo as a remote, using the full file path, a gitolite layer declaring your repos in a certain path, ...)
  • some operations use the full path of the repo (like the GIT_INDEX_FILE using within a filter-branch command for instance, see this thread), so, obviously, don't rename the root directory while performing a complex operation on your repo.

Plus, a "windows copy" (instead of a git clone), will copy everything including hooks, which may include absolute path in their script if you have edited them and made those kind of modification.

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