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Node.js Question

Querying array sub-document in mongoose

I'm using MongoDB in a

app with
I have a collection in my DB, that can be described with the following schema:

id: String,
name: String,
indicators: [{
date: Date,
value: Number

is unique, and each document has a lot of
in it.

I want to able to query the collection according to attributes of the
array. For example: sort the array by date or limit the amount of results in the array (possibly with an offset).

How can I do that?

Answer Source

You can limit the number of items in the array with $slice. For example:

Model.find({}, { indicators: { $slice: 5 } }, function(err, data) {
    // ...

Will return the first 5 elements.

But if you want to sort it, then you will have to use the aggregation framework:

    { $unwind: '$indicators' },
    { $sort: { 'indicators.date': -1 } }
], function(err, data) { /* .... */ });
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