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Javascript Question

Insert an item to array object using underscorejs

I want to insert an id in to an existing array of objects using underscorejs.

input array

var arr = [{name:"iPhone"}, {name:"Samsung"}];

expected output array

var arr = [{name:"iPhone", owner_id: "555"}, {name:"Samsung", owner_id: "555"}];

Tried following, its working but looking for a better way

devices = []
arr.forEach(function(data) {
var device = {};
device.owner_id = "555";
device.name= data.name;
devices.push(device )


No need to use underscore. Here is an easy way using the .map method. Each object returned inside the callback will be inserted into the devices array.

var devices = arr.map(function(data) {
    var device = {};
    device.owner_id = "555";
    device.name= data.name;

    return device;

If you console.log devices it will print (depending on data of course):

[{name:"iPhone", owner_id: "555"}, {name:"Samsung", owner_id: "555"}];