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Bug in kendo ui grid lrt css in chrome

There is a bug in kendo ui grid rtl css in chrome.
If you notice example in Telerik site, you can see this bug:

When you go to page 6, the header and body, isn't align.

enter image description here
This error is in chrome (for me: V35) and in the firefox (V28) and IE(V11) does not this error.

You can same error in horizontal scrolling.
For example in ltr direction:


this is OK in all browser.
But in rtl direction:


It has error in chrome and has no error in firefox and IE.

How can I fix this error. Thanks alot.

Answer Source

This worked for me:

.k-grid-content {
    overflow-y: auto;

.k-grid-header-wrap {
    width: 102%;

.k-grid-footer-wrap {
    width: 102%;
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