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Non-recursive pagination with promises

With a typical pagination API that returns

"data": ...,
"nextPageHref": <url>

how can I fetch all the pages in JavaScript without using recursion?

(the recursive solution is something like)

fetchPaginated(url) {
return fetch(url).then(result => result.nextPageHref
? fetchPaginated(result.nextPageHref).then(results => _.concat(result, results))
: result

Answer Source

AFAIK the only way to do it without recursion is a native support to async-await and use a for loop. Note that compiled async-await will compile to some disguised recursive code too.

But this recursion is not recursion, as the call to fetchPaginated is called from a callback, so the sync call stack will always be emptied before the callback (And thus it is little to do with tail recursion). If you are concerned about the browsers async call stack (which is there for debugging purposes only, we don't need async call stack to run a program), I think there should be a checkbox somewhere in the browsers developer tools to turn it off.

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