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AngularJS Question

Deploy angular js (front end) on s3 and Api's(Backend) on API Gateway

I want to make my website more secure. So i was thinking of deploying front end(using angular js) on s3 with aws cloudfront and all my api's(using dropwizard) in API gateway.

  1. How to deploy angular ap on s3 bucket using cloudfront?

  2. Is it possible to call api's from the s3 bucket?

i have researched on this but i get only for angular app and not the other part(calling api's from the s3 bucket).

Answer Source

THis should work without a problem. I have angular apps that are hosted as static s3 websites, calling back-end api's (both thru amazon api and other custom api endpoints running on ec2 instances).

SO yes, in a general sense this will work - if its not working for you, you could give us specifics about what you are trying to do, and what error messages you are getting.

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