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Java Question

How to prevent a method from overloading in Java?

Overriding a method can be prevented by using the keyword

, likewise how to prevent overloading?

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You can't do that in Java.

An overloaded method is basically just another method.

An attempt could look (something) like this

void yourMethod(String arg) { /* ... */ }

void yourMethod(String arg, Object... prevent) {
    throw new IllegalArgumentException();

but it won't work since Java resolves overloading by looking at the "best match" or "most specific signature".

The method could still be overloaded with a

void yourMethod(String arg, String arg2) { /* ... */ }

which would be called when doing yourMethod("hello", "world").

Btw, why would you want to prevent overloading? Perhaps there is another way of doing what you want?

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