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Swift Question

I want to place Table View exact down to navigation bar

enter image description here

Please see the dashed-box area, this is extra space appearing between navigation bar & table view.

I've tried 3 things but same problem.

1. Cleared all constrains & "Add missing constrains"

2. I've used pin, & keep '0' distance to UI object above table view

3. I've used dragging method, & set vertical spacing for table view.

Answer Source

You nee to uncheck the property inside attribute inspector Adjust Scroll View Insets using storyboard see image below.

enter image description here


Adjust Scroll View Insets: Defines a Boolean value that indicates whether the view controller should automatically adjust its scroll view insets.

The default value of this property is true, which lets container view controllers know that they should adjust the scroll view insets of this view controller’s view to account for screen areas consumed by a status bar, search bar, navigation bar, toolbar, or tab bar. Set this property to false if your view controller implementation manages its own scroll view inset adjustments.

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