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jQuery Question

jQuery: changing a string of HTML before it displays

I am working on a front end script that copies and then outputs the HTML as plain text, I have got that part working in my Fiddle below.


My question, is there a way I can change the output string before it displays e.g. in my Fiddle example change the word "test" to "boat" and change the URL "http://www.linkedin.com" to "http://www.google.com" just as an example.

$('.output').click(function () {
$('.outputCon').css('display', 'block');
var $code = $('.redCon').html();

I have been looking at a few string replacement code options:

$('.outputCon').html($($code).html().replace('test', 'dog'));

Which I am not sure if I have done correctly as I am not sure how to implement this to change the string before the HTML has been displayed, sorry my explanation is hard to follow, ill happily answer any questions.


Your variable $code already contains the html text so you can use the replace method on that. Instead of:

$('.outputCon').html($($code).html().replace('test', 'dog'));

you can just do this:


Also, it seems like you're mixing up PHP with jQuery; you don't need to use $ for variables in jQuery.