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JSON Question

Newtonsoft Object serialized to String. JObject instance expected

Hi so am trying to parse this JSON line but i got some others that are like this in files thats why i want to automate this so i can remove the invalid lines to make the file a valid JSON for reading, The problem is that the JSON contains multiple JSON in 1 line



Is there anyway to remove


So it turns in to a valid JSON that is readable to start parsing the files

I tried doing using StreamReader cause there in a file i have multiple files that contain these invalid JSON

So i got it to be able to detect the Invalid JSON but for some reason i can't get it to read the JSON so i can use .remove to remove the invalid line

using (StreamReader r = new StreamReader(itemDir))
string json = r.ReadToEnd();
if (json.Contains("anotheritem"))
JObject NoGood = JObject.FromObject(json);

The Error:

Object serialized to String. JObject instance expected.

Thank you all for your time and help.

Answer Source

If each object are side by side without space or any other character, you can convert your string to an json array.

string value = "{\"item\":\"value\"}{\"anotheritem\":\"value\"}";
string arrrayValue = "["+value.Replace("}{", "},{") + "]";
var array = JArray.Parse(value);
var goopArray = array.OfType<JObject>().Where(o => o.Property("anotheritem") == null);
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