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Python Question

Time complexity for a sublist in Python

In Python, what is the time complexity when we create a sub list from an existing list

For example, here data is our existing list and list1 is our sublist created by slicing the list data.

data = [1,2,3,4,5,6..100,...1000....,10^6]
list1 = data[101:10^6]

What is the running time for creating list1?
Is it O(10^6) i.e.O(N), or O(1)?

Answer Source

Getting a list slice in python is O(M - N) / O(10^6 - 101)

Here you can check python list operations time complexity

By underneath, python lists are represented like arrays. So, you can iterate starting on some index(N) and stopping in another one(M)

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