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Running MySQL *.sql files in PHP

I have two

files that I use when creating a new web site database. The first file creates all the tables. The second file populates some default records. I would like to execute these files from PHP. I also use the Zend_Framework, if that will help accomplish this.

Additional Info

  1. I don't have console access

  2. I'm trying to automate site generation from within our application.



$command = 'mysql'
. ' --host=' . $vals['db_host']
. ' --user=' . $vals['db_user']
. ' --password=' . $vals['db_pass']
. ' --database=' . $vals['db_name']
. ' --execute="SOURCE ' . $script_path
$output1 = shell_exec($command . '/site_db.sql"');
$output2 = shell_exec($command . '/site_structure.sql"');

...I never did get useful output, but followed some suggestions on another thread and finally got it all working. I switch to the
format for the commands and used
--execute="SOURCE ..."
instead of
to execute the file.

Also, I never got a good explanation of the difference between

Answer Source

This question comes up from time to time. There's no good solution for running a .sql script directly from PHP. There are edge cases where statements common in a .sql script can't be executed as SQL statements. For example, the mysql tool has builtin commands that are not recognized by the MySQL Server, e.g. CONNECT, USE, and DELIMITER.

So I give +1 to @Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams's answer. You should run your .sql script in PHP by invoking the mysql tool, for instance with shell_exec().

I got this test working:

$command = "mysql -u{$vals['db_user']} -p{$vals['db_pass']} "
 . "-h {$vals['db_host']} -D {$vals['db_name']} < {$script_path}";

$output = shell_exec($command . '/shellexec.sql');

The crucial part is that MySQL's -p option must not be followed by a space.

I also wrote it with variable interpolation syntax instead of so much string concatenation.

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