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AngularJS filter orderBy, ordering one variable by another

I have a table that is made by ngRepeat from variable first. By filter, instead of first.id_second it writes out second.name, and it works great. Now I'm trying to sort the column first.id_second and I want it to be sorted not by first.id_second, but by second.name. This is my structure:

var first = [{
"id": 0,
"id_second": "111"
"id": 1,
"id_second": "222"

var second = [{
"id_second": "111",
"name": "name1"
"id_second": "222",
"name": "name2"

Usually, in my html I would have


And in controller

$scope.order = function(predicate) {
$scope.predicate = predicate;
$scope.reverse = ($scope.predicate === predicate) ? !$scope.reverse : false;
$scope.first = orderBy($scope.first, predicate, $scope.reverse);

var orderBy = $filter('orderBy');

I don't know how to filter by a property that is from another variable. I suppose I should write a custom filter, but so far wasn't succesfull in it.

Any ideas? Thanx.

Answer Source

It seems that there is no way to do this simple, so in the end I wrote a custom orderBy function in which I implemented quicksort.

// arranging data from second to get to the data easier
var secondKeyVal = {};
for (var i = 0; i < $scope.second.length; i++) {
    secondKeyVal[$scope.second[i].id_second] = $scope.second[i].naziv;

// function that is called from html
$scope.orderByCustom = function(predicate) {
    $scope.predicate = predicate;
    $scope.reverse = ($scope.predicate === predicate) ? !$scope.reverse : false;

$scope.orderByCustomSort= function() {
    var sorted = quickSort($scope.first);
    $scope.first = sorted;

function quickSort(a) {
    if (a.length <= 1) return a;
    var left=[], right=[], pivot=secondKeyVal[a[0].id_second];
    for (var i = 1; i < a.length; i++) {
        secondKeyVal[a[i].id_second] <= pivot ? left.push(a[i]) : right.push(a[i]);

    return quickSort(left).concat(a[0], quickSort(right));

Ofcourse, if anyone manages to pull this out without using additional libraries that would make me have to change html filters and orderBy I already use, it would be most welcome :)

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